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Cost-Saving Appliances

Energy Efficient

Instant Reliable Heating

Quality Gas Appliances. Your reliable alternative energy solution

Experience uninterrupted heat and say goodbye to the inconvenience of load shedding with Dewhot’s quality gas appliances.

Discover the cost saving benefits of living with Dewhot’s efficient gas appliances, your trusted source for gas geysers, gas stoves, gas space heaters and solar to gas booster appliances, the reliable alternative power solutions.

Our innovative gas appliance technology provides a seamless transition when switching to gas, allowing you to enjoy your everyday activities without interruption.

Committed to Quality

With a commitment to quality and reliability, Dewhot’s double testing policy ensures a satisfying customer experience.

6 Reasons to switch to Dewhot gas appliances


Energy Efficient Appliances

Dewhot’s super energy efficient gas appliances are smartly engineered for optimal gas consumption. Switch to Dewhot products and slash your energy bill for heating water, cooking and warming your home.


Double-Tested Quality

Dewhot appliances are engineered to deliver exceptional functionality and built from superior materials to enusre long-lasting reliability. Each gas appliance undergoes rigorous double testing before leaving our warehouse.


Extensive Product Range

Dewhot offers a diverse selection of energy-efficient gas home appliances to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a geyser, stove, or space heater, we have you covered.


Expert Technical Advice

Our knowledgeable team of professional gas installers support Dewhot appliances throughout SA. Get expert recommendations and enjoy the benefits of switching to a reliable alternative power solution for your home.


Value for Money

Dewhot gas appliances offer unbeatable value for money. Our products are built to last and exceed customer expectations. Positive user reviews and recommendations further validate our reputation as a trusted brand.


Reliable Trusted Service

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy. We strive to provide exceptional service at every touchpoint. Trust our reliable service and rest easy knowing that we’re dedicated to your satisfaction.

Reliable gas appliances: hear it from our customers

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