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August 2017

Buying a Dewhot

If you are considering buying a Dewhot gas water heater, then you have already taken the first step to reducing your reliance on electricity. This makes economic and practical sense.

The only thing left now is which brand do you buy and what model do you need. First of all, let us look at which brand. No doubt every importer likes to sell their brand as being the best and at Dewhot we are no exception. In this however, you must look at not just the claims that distributers make, or the cost but the reliability of the unit and its back up and how long it has been on the market.

Unfortunately, in South Africa there are a number of unscrupulous operators who bring in and sell cheap units which have not been thoroughly tested and certified by LPGSA with their Safe Appliance Certificate. It is incumbent on the purchaser and installer to ensure that the unit is legally compliant before fitting it.

The consequences of fitting one of these cheap units do not bear thing about.
All Dewhot units are rigorously tested and then certified compliant with LPGSA.
We have been importing and selling Dewhot units for ten years and have therefore gained a huge amount of knowledge in their operational requirements. With over 18,000 units sold we have taken the problems of the earlier models and corrected them. We have installed better solenoids, better diaphragms, better micro switches and heavier radiators just to name a few. The stainless steel units are a high grade nonmagnetic stainless steel. The baked enamel mild steel units are coated with a high aluminum content paint to minimize corrosion.

These Dewhot models are therefor a result of us listening to customers and looking at what the market needs. As these all have their specific uses. No one model does everything. The Dewhot models are;

  • 6lt wash hand basin
  • 8lt basin, kitchen, small shower
  • 10lt basin, kitchen, standard shower
  • 12lt basin, kitchen, full shower, occasional bath
  • 12lt low pressure basin, kitchen, full shower, occasional bath running off a JoJo tank or low municipal pressure
  • 16lt large shower, bath
  • 16lt constant temp basin, kitchen, large shower (will run two), bath – can run a household.

The Dewhot low pressure and constant temperature units have a flow sensor that can operate the unit at slower flows than the standard models which have venturi activated diaphragms. This gives you a greater flexibility in the amount of cold water you can add to regulate the temperature.

Your length of run of piping from the unit to the outlet should not be more than 5 meters as not only do you have to run the water to eliminate cold water and heat up the pipe but it also cools down over distance. In this case it is better to put in an additional unit.

Key performance goals we set ourselves;

Technical knowledge – Our knowledge of our Dewhot units is one of our key performance criteria and we pride ourselves on it. In most cases we can correct any problem over the telephone.

Spares – We carry a full range of reasonably priced spares should they be required.

Orders – We dispatch the same day as we receive payment, so in most cases you will receive it the next working day or if in the Eastern Cape or further away within three days.

Improvement – We listen to all suggestions and any criticisms so that we can improve our service.

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