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Dewhot Eco-Flow Low pressure gas geysers
March 2022

Introducing the Dewhot Eco-Flow Low Pressure Range of Gas Geysers

Delivering hot water to the most remote hunting lodges, game parks and homesteads, the Dewhot Eco-Flow gas geyser runs efficiently off gravity fed water. This low pressure gas geyser takes you from cold to hot at the turn of a tap.

Hot water guaranteed, anywhere, anytime, anyplace…

If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, economic and eco-friendly water heater, the Dewhot Eco-Flow Geysers are the perfect solution for you.

Running off just 2 meters of water head and a flow as low as 2 litres per minute, the Eco-Flow gas geyser is more than capable of providing hot water to the most remote and challenging locations.

The simplicity of the geyser’s operating components make it economically viable. A dual float/paddle wheel flow sensor activates the geyser from just two D cell batteries, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

With safety being paramount, we’ve added a smart feature that in the event that there is a burst pipe or the water tap is left on accidentally, the geyser will cut out after 20 minutes.

We have designed the 8L & 12L Eco-Flow gas geysers to be placed internally so that the units are safe and secure when lodges, camps or homes are not in use.

It is the Dewhot Eco-flow’s versatility that is winning customers over with its ALL water pressure applications, be it low water pressure or normal municipal water pressure.

If you’re off the grid, out in the middle of nowhere, the Dewhot Eco-Flow range makes sure your hot water is always on the flow.

Dewhot specialises in gas geysers, it is this focus that allows us to deliver top quality products at great value. This combined with our exceptional service and support sets us apart from the other brands.

Downtime is minimised with our speedy warranty response team, our guaranteed availability of all spares, and our experienced technicians who resolve faults quickly.

Eco-Flow Geysers

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