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Gas installations
March 2020

Gas Installations – Useful facts

It is important to make sure that all gas appliances are installed correctly and safely. A licensed gas fitter has the training and experience to do this safely and in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations.


Local quotes are generally are free.

Outlying areas

Some installers do charge for outlying area quotes, however you shouldn’t have to pay more than the installer’s cost to get to you which will vary depending on your location (petrol used) and time spent on travelling. 

It is best to have an upfront conversation with the installer and provide them with pictures and videos of where you intend to install the gas appliance and gas cylinder . This should save time and money for both parties.

Pictures and videos should provide the installer with all the information s/he needs in order to at least process an estimate of what it may cost based only on the pictures. Be sure to understand how, what, where and why they are quoting what they are with a detailed description in the quote, to prevent upping prices later on, down the line.

Gas Hobs

Installing a gas hob is the cheapest and simplest way to go gas. Generally, you can install a 9kg gas cylinder inside one of the kitchen cupboards. These installations are referred to as in-cupboard installation and may range depending on the complexity of the installation from about R1450 – R2200. The installer will generally charge more if the pipe runs through multiple cupboards and tight spaces as this can be cumbersome and technical and more time consuming. 

The most basic gas installation is simply installing the gas cylinder in the cupboard next door to the hob or freestanding stove (the gas cylinder may not be installed directly beneath the hob). Be sure to ask about having a gas safety shut off valve installed, this will allow you to turn off the gas much faster than closing the cylinder valve should the need arise.

Gas Water Heaters

Installing a gas water heater is more expensive hobs, but having said that the savings benefits are greater. For this kind of gas installation you will need to find a plumber and gas installer. There are many gas installers who are qualified plumbers and often can save you admin and logistical issues finding someone who can do both. 

Although, just because the installer can do both plumbing and gas they may not always be the right person and it may work out better for you to find an installer who can work with a plumber. Generally, the installers with more experience in doing gas water heater installations can suggest a good plumber to work in conjunction with as they have done this many times before. 

Should you already have your own plumber you can suggest this to your gas installer. The cost of the entirety of the installation will vary depending on a number of things. 

  1. Firstly, the kind of gas water heater you will require, smaller water heaters means lower cost and larger heaters means more cost.
  2. The complexity of the installation may also cost you more should it be more complex. The gas water heater may be placed just about anywhere within reason, however, the gas cylinder has certain laws and regulations as to where it can and cannot be. Your gas installer will take the following into account but not limited to when looking for a location for your gas cylinder/s.
  3. Distances from doors, windows, drains, air cons, parking bays, lights, electrical motors, plugs, DB boards, manholes, fireplaces/braai areas etc. If the gas line needs to be run around to accommodate these obstacles it may cost you more.

If your gas installer recommends installing the gas cylinder in a certain location and you do not understand why, it is important to ask the reasoning behind it and should this not make sense it is always suggested to get a second opinion. The plumbing may also vary depending on what all needs to be done. 

New builds may differ from existing electrical geyser installations which may differ to backing up your solar geyser. The basic cost indication here is of a basic electrical geyser swap out.

These prices are guidelines only.


R2200 +

Gas installation, 

R2500  +

gas water heater 

in our Dewhot range depending on your requirements 

gas cylinders 

Cylinders prices vary depending on quantity & size. Gas prices fluctuate so it is best to contact your gas shop for the current gas prices. Gas is sold per KG and is for the most part a government regulated price.

Full turnkey solution

entry level set up

R13 000
more advanced setup. 

R20 000
complex systems feeding multiple bathrooms

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