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Dewhot Gas Geysers
February 2021

Gas vs other water heating solutions


  1. Cheaper set-up costs
  2. They consume 20% to 30% less energy than storage tank models
  3. Instant heating – They provide a endless supply of hot water
  4. Compact and easy to install
  5. They can be mounted on a wall Indoors or outdoors
  6. Sized to fit your needs
  7. Easy to access and repair
  8. Can run on Natural Gas or LPG

Electrical Geysers

  1. Expensive to run
  2. Not efficient – no instant heat
  3. Waste up to 15% of energy through radiant heat loss
  4. Water storage tanks are not ideal as they burst
  5. Susceptible to power outages


  1. Is off the grid but weather dependant
  2. High upfront cost
  3. Weather dependant
  4. Water storage tanks take up space and can burst
  5. Not efficient – no instant heat

Heat pumps

  1. High upfront cost
  2. Difficult to install
  3. Uses electricity – not off the grid
  4. Noisy to run
  5. Not efficient in cold weather

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