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May 2022

Get off the grid by switching to gas

Eskom has applied for a 20.5% price increase from 1 April 2022. What’s more concerning is the proposed new electricity pricing methodology that could force on-grid solar users to get off the grid.

Avoid the on-grid price hike

On-grid solar system users could be paying 10 x more with ESKOM

1000% On-grid tariff increase

National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) has identified that the price of electricity in South Africa needs to migrate towards a cost-reflective tariff to cover the costs of necessary maintenance. The tariffs are going to be based on the cost of supplying electricity, meaning the smaller the user the higher the cost.

Consumers will be categorised into three relative groups
On-grid solar users (fluctuating demands = higher costs)
Normal power users (households with usage peaking AM and PM)
Big power users (industries with consistency day and night usage = lower costs).

This means that on-grid users with fluctuating demands will be heavily penalised. According to Rapport, on-grid solar users could end up paying between 5 to 10 times more for electricity than big power users.

Get off the gird effortlessly

Switching to gas is simple, affordable and provides the most reliable solution to get you off the grid. Discover quality gas stoves and geysers, and learn about the Solar to Gas Valve solution that will heat your solar water to your desired temperatures when taking a shower on a rainy day.



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