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April 2015

Looking at the price of electricity

We had our electric geyser fail, & looking at the price of electricity and the threat of major increases in the next few years,we decided to change to gas in the one bathroom, where we have a shower & hand-basin and see how it worked.

We installed a new shower head to suit the geyser flow 10L/min and a 9kg gas cylinder.

The results were pleasing with the 9kg cylinder lasting 10 weeks on average.

Since then we have installed a second 12L/min gas geyser which feeds the second bathroom, which also has a shower with a 12L/Min shower head and hand basin,

Kitchen sink & 4 plate gas stove.

This is fed by a professionally installed high pressure gas installation, with copper piping, using 2 x 48kg cylinders with a change over valve.

We use a single 48Kg cylinder every 3 months on average in summer and 48Kg every 10 weeks in winter.

Our total costs now are R400.00 on electricity monthly & R1000.00 every 10-12 weeks (R350.00 Monthly) on gas, where we were spending approximately R1300.00 per month on electricity.

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