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July 2020

Why should you convert your water heater to gas?

Discover why gas geysers are more cost effective, more reliable, more versitile and safer than other types of water heaters.

Save Money & Water
Gas geysers do not store hot water but rather heat the water on demand giving you more control over your energy consumption. Gas instantaneously heats the water so you don’t need to run the water for minutes before it heats up. This means using less water and less gas which will save you money. See our Gas Consumption Tool to work out approximate monthly costs.

Pay for what you need
Gas Geysers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 5lt – 20lt per minute. Don’t waste money on  larger appliances when a smaller more cost effective solution is available.

You don’t run out of hot water
No more running out of hot water because your store only supplies 60lt of water. As long as you have gas, you have hot water,

Get off the grid. Get independent
Gas geysers require no electricity, they are battery operated and run off gas in order to produce hot water. You will always have hot water during load shedding and rolling black outs.

Gas geysers do not burst
Gas geysers do not burst meaning the inside of your home is not at risk to any water damages from a burst electrical geyser.

Electricity prices predicted to surge
Over the next few years Eskom will continue to increase its prices, making gas the more popular and cheaper alternative for water heating and cooking.

Quick to install
To install a gas geyser will take on average about 4-5 hours. To replace an existing geyser with gas will take less than 8 hours (see our Gas geysers use your existing plumbing so there will be no need to replumb your entire house, it is a simple connection.

Gas is Safe
Gas geysers have multiple built in safety features from flame failure devices to temperature sensors to oxygen depletion sensors. Gas geysers are built with a linked water and gas ignition process. This means that the geyser will only function if both factors are present. The gas in a gas geyser is let through via a magnetically run solenoid that requires power to be in the open position, if there is no power or not enough power no gas can get through to the burners, making them that much safer. Our control boxes also have built in timers that will not allow gas to go through to the burners when no flame is present for more than 10 seconds without shutting down the geyser, this means you can never have a dangerous buildup of gas. Our gas geysers are individually tested in the manufacturing process promoting the highest quality in our products.

Indoors and outdoors

You have the flexibility of positioning your new geyser to suit your spatial needs. Gas geysers can be mounted indoors, outdoors, in your garage, in your service duct, on the wall outside.

Gas Geysers

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