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Solar-to-gas water boosters
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Solar to Gas Booster Solutions

On-grid solar system users are about to pay 10 x more with Eskom – now is the time to cut your energy bill switching to an off-grid solar system boosted with gas.

A simple gas booster solution is all you need to enjoy a hot shower or bath and cooked food on a rainy day – no need to depend on the unreliable and expensive grid.

Reliable Solar System Backup

Dewhot’s wide range of quality off-grid products will take care of both your water-heating and cooking requirements.

All our gas geysers are double tested and sealed with our approval stamp. Our gas appliance are all LPG compliant and come with a 1 year warranty. You can be assured of a quality, cost-effective booster solution.

Gas Water Heating
Gas Cooking
Gas Space Heaters

Off-Grid Booster Solution

All you need to help you get off the grid is a solar-to-gas valve, a gas geyser and hob.

A gas geyser is easy to install inline as a booster to your solar water heater and will be fixed to your existing plumbing.

The gas hob replaces your current electrical hob and further reduces your electricity consumption.

You can use one of our certified installers in your area to ensure a quick and hassle-free installation.

Solar to Gas Valve
Booster Gas Geysers
Booster Gas Hobs

What Off-grid Gas Geyser is right?

Choose from any of our multiple use gas geysers to fulfil your hot water demands.

These include the constant temperature or fan forced gas geyser ranges.

These geysers simply require a solar to gas valve to seamlessly switch your solar water heating systems to gas. The temperature controlled valve automatically switches to gas when the solar water temperature drops below 45°C. The solar valve is temperature driven and does not require any power to operate.


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The logic tree is a tool that guides you through a series of questions to help find the gas water heater solution the would be most suitable for your individual home set up.

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