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Large gas geyser weather box

Large – Gas Geyser Cover (Weather box)

This Cover fits a 16L Diaphragm Activated Stainless Steel/ 8L & 12L Eco-Flow/ 12L Constant Temperature

If a Gas Geyser is installed outside must be installed with weather box to protect the appliance against extreme weather and damage. The warranty on the appliance will be void if it is not installed with weather box when installed outdoors.

These boxes are designed to allow the hot air that is released by the unit to escape so that they do not over heat and cut out.

In extreme weather areas we recommend using a flue. If your geyser uses a flue then you will need a cover that has a flue roof.

  • Rust proof
  • Easy to ship (flat packed)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to install (See our template for quick installations)
  • Easy to paint – Galvanised steel
  • Please see the cover guide for sizing

Please select the type of cover you need below : with or without a flue hole


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