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There are 3 key considerations when choosing a gas geyser


Is your geyser going to be installed indoors or outdoors?


Do you a need single use or multiple use gas geyser?


What size geyser will you need based on your flow rate?

Let’s explore these 3 steps


Decide if you need to install your geyser indoors (type B) or outdoors (type D)

Dewhot indoor gas geyser icon

Indoors Type B

Dewhot outdoor gas geyser icon

Outdoors Type D

What is the difference?

Indoor and outdoor gas geysers are different models with distinct features for each application. Indoor gas geysers require a flue and are built with additional safety sensors to ensure safe indoor operation, while outdoor gas geysers require a protective weatherbox for outdoor longevity and safety.


Do you want to be able to run multiple taps at the same time?

Dewhot single outlet gas geyser icon

Single Use

Single-use gas geysers are designed to provide hot water to a single outlet at a time. They are ideal for independent showers or basins and are not suitable to use with both a bath and a shower at the same time.

Dewhot Multiple outlet gas geyser icon

Multiple use

Multiple-use gas geysers can supply hot water to multiple outlets at the same time. They are well-suited for households with multiple bathrooms with baths, showers and basins.


Work out your flow rate to determine your geyser size

Gas geyser sizes depend on the flow rate per minute. Flow rate, or flow demand, is the total number of liters per minute that your taps or outlets use when they’re turned on. You can calculate your flow rate using the simple bucket test.

Calculate your flow rate by doing the bucket test

Watch the bucket test video below or follow the steps

  1. Place a bucket under your largest cold water tap
  2. Turn to full and run for 30 seconds
  3. Measure how much water is in the bucket
  4. Multiply that measurement by 2 to find your flow rate in litres per minute
  5. For multiple use models repeat this process for each tap but make sure that all your taps are running at the same time
  6. Add all the flow rates together for your overall flow demand

After determining your 3 key considerations use the Dewhot gas geyser model and size chart to choose the right geyser for your home.

Download size chart

Help me choose my geyser

The logic tree is a tool that guides you through a series of questions to help find the gas water heater solution the would be most suitable for your individual home set up.

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