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With a commitment to quality and reliability, Dewhot’s double testing policy ensures a satisfying customer experience.


After being compliance tested in the manufacturing plant, our products are tested again by expert technicians at our local warehouse. When your appliance has our approval stamp on it, you will have peace of mind – knowing your product is of the highest quality.

Over the years Dewhot has always taken pride in producing and distributing top quality products. We are in constant communication with our manufacturers and have technicians working around the clock to ensure the best possible after-sales service. While our manufacturers test each of our units before leaving their factory, we have taken our quality testing process one step further. As a continuation of our commitment to quality, we now test your gas geysers before they leave our distribution outlets – in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

During our testing process the units are unboxed and the geyser covers are removed. A visual inspection is followed by a physical test. The units are manipulated on our test bench – re-creating any scenarios they may undergo in the field. The units are switched on and off multiple times, ensuring consistency and quality.

Once the technician is satisfied with the operation of the geyser, the unit is re-boxed, sealed with our stamp of approval and ready to be shipped to your door.


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With our double testing policy, you can order with confidence knowing that your appliance has undergone the rigorous testing that meets the highest standards.

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