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Discover Dewhot’s energy efficient gas geysers – the smart way to heat water

Dewhot’s high performing gas geysers will cut your energy costs while saving the environment. Our reliable range offers the best market performance and cost-efficiency, with an energy efficiency of 88-84%.

Gas Geyser Guide: Choose, Compare, Install

Help me choose the perfect gas geyser

Use the Dewhot Geyser Wizard to quickly identify the perfect gas geyser model and size

Compare gas geyser prices and models

Compare the Dewhot range of gas geyser models and prices

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Compare gas geyser features at a glance

  • Fan-forced (FF)
  • Constant Temperature (CT)
  • Low Pressure (LP)
  • Diaphragm Activated (DA)
  • Ability to Function on low water pressure (municipal or gravity fed)

  • Off-the-grid

  • Multiple-use Can be used on multiple outlets at the same

  • Requires electricity but can run off an inverter/ UPS

  • Solar compatible (further heats solar water)

  • Installed outdoors (with a weather box)

  • Installed indoors (with ventilation)

  • Camping (with ventilation)

  • Suitable for a bath

  • Automatically adjusts the temperature

  • Operates on natural or piped gas

  • FFFan Forced
  • RS20
  • CTConstant Temperature
  • 12L
  • 16L
  • 12L/16L
  • LPLow Pressure
  • 5L/8L/12L
  • 5L/6L
  • 16L
  • DADiaphragm Activated
  • 6L
  • 8L

6 Reasons to choose Dewhot gas water heaters


Energy Efficient Geysers

Dewhot Gas Geysers can be up to 90% efficient and use a direct flame to heat water so there is little to no energy lost in the transfer of heat from the source to the water.


Exceptional Quality

Dewhot products are made with high-quality materials and designed to withstand the harsh South African climate. That means you can expect many years of use out of your Dewhot gas geyser.


Double Testing Policy

Dewhot’s unmatched double testing policy is a testament to our commitment to quality. Every gas geyser tested in the factory and retested before being dispatched to your door so you never have to deal with a faulty product.


Service and Support

Our expert team of knowledgeable installers can help you choose the right Dewhot appliance for your home. They provide a safe and efficient installation service throughout South Africa to guarantee optimal performance and longevity.


Affordable Prices

Dewhot gas geyser are affordable and offer unbeatable value for money. Our premium and budget products are built to last and save money in the long run. Read our positive product reviews that further validate our gas geysers value for money.


Low Maintenance

Dewhot gas geysers are easy to maintain and will last for many years with proper care.

Reliable Gas Geysers: hear it from our customers

Geyser Reviews

Gas Geyser FAQs

Dewhot offers a wide choice of indoor or outdoor, multi-tap or single-tap geysers in various sizes. To choose the perfect geyser, consider your household size, the number of bathrooms and water outlets (taps), whether you need to serve multiple taps at once, your water usage habits, and the flow rate of your taps. An average shower uses 8 to 12 liters of water per minute.

Follow these 2 easy steps to find the right model

  1. Determine your flow rate bucket test
    Watch the video on how to do the quick Bucket Test to determine the flow rate of your taps.
  2. Choose your geyser model tool
    Once you have determined the flow rate of your taps you can head to Dewhot’s Help Choose my Geyser Tool to determine the perfect geyser for your home.


Gas water heaters, also known as gas geysers, are popular for hot water heating because they are efficient, reliable, and affordable. They are also relatively easy to install and maintain. Here are some of the benefits of using a gas geyser:

Efficiency: Gas geysers are much more efficient at heating water than traditional geysers, which can save you money on your energy bills. Dewhot geysers are rated up to 88% energy efficient

Reliability: Gas geysers are reliable and can last many years with proper care. They are also less likely to break down than other types of water heaters, such as electric geysers.

Affordability: Gas geysers are relatively affordable to purchase and install. They are also much cheaper to operate than electric geysers.

Ease of installation: Gas geysers are relatively easy and quick to install. A qualified LPG installer will set up the gas and a plumber will connect your water.

Ease of maintenance: Gas geysers are relatively easy to maintain. They only need to be cleaned and serviced every few years.

The cost of a Dewhot gas geyser depends on the size and model and range from R2,195 to R16,670.

Gas Geyser Model Pricing

Added Long Term Cost Savings

Electric geysers preheat water, so when compared to gas, which instantly heats the water as you need it, the energy savings are huge. Dewhot’s gas geysers are 84-88% energy-efficient and will slash more than 30% off your water heating bill.

Dewhot gas geysers come in various models to cater to the needs of different households.

Dewhot’s fan-forced geyser model is ideal for larger households or homes with high hot water use. It can service multiple taps at once using a powerful fan to circulate the hot water and deliver an even flow with a consistent temperature regardless of the demand. These models have a temperature sensor which means they can also be used as a backup solution to heat solar water.

Our Constant Temperature geyser model is a great option for medium to large sized households. It can service multiple taps at once and uses a thermostat to automatically adjusts the water temperature to your desired setting, constantly delivering a consistent temperature.  These models also have a temperature sensor which means they too provide an ideal backup solution to heat solar water.

The Low-Pressure Eco-Flow geysers are designed to operate with very low water pressure. It has a special valve that prevents the geyser from turning off if the water pressure gets too low. This makes them ideal hot water heaters for camping or to use with gravity fed tanks.

Diaphragm-activated geysers are the oldest type of gas geyser. They work by using a diaphragm to control the gas flow. Diaphragm-activated geysers offer simple functionality at an affordable price.

The best gas geyser for your home depends on your unique hot water needs and budget. The Geyser Wizard can quickly help you to identify the perfect geyser for your home based on the size of your family and the number of bathrooms in your home.

A certified LPG gas installer must install your Dewhot gas geyser to ensure a correct and safe installation.

Dewhot gas geysers can be purchased online from Dewhot’s website or authorised dealers. An authorised installer can help you choose and install the perfect geyser. Email us today, and we will connect you to one of our qualified installers within a few hours.

Committed to Quality

With a commitment to quality and reliability, Dewhot’s double testing geyser policy ensures a satisfying customer experience.

Dewhot double tested quality gas geysers

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Help me choose my geyser

The logic tree is a tool that guides you through a series of questions to help find the gas water heater solution the would be most suitable for your individual home set up.

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