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Dewhot appliances carry a 1-year warranty for manufacturing faults only. The warranty is valid from the purchase date or from the installation date (which ever occurs first). A unit will only be replaced if the fault(s) cannot be repaired. If the unit can be repaired the relevant part(s) will be replaced and the original warranty period will remain as per the purchase date/COC. If the unit is moved or repositioned the warranty period will remain as per the original date of purchase/COC.

The warranty will not be valid if the gas appliance is not installed by a registered and qualified LPGSA installer and issued with Certificate of Compliance (COC).

To follow the warranty claim process, your product must have been registered on the warranty portal .This product registration process will require you to have uploaded your product serial code, the COC and the proof of purchase.

If you need to submit a claim/ fault please make sure you run through the “self checks” to eliminate simple operational errors. This will avoid additional down time or any unnecessary call out fees not related to the warranty


When submitting a claim on the portal, the customer/ installer, needs to submit a full description of the issue at hand with clear videos and photos of both the fault and installation. The Dewhot Technician can then start to diagnose the situation and assess the validity of the claim. The more detail provided, the faster the fault resolution. Dewhot cannot be responsible for delays due to unclear information.

The Dewhot technical team reserves the right to request any additional information related to the installation.

Dewhot does its best to ensure a positive customer experience however, Dewhot reserves the right to terminate communication or negate the warranty due to profanity, mistreatment, false claims or accusations made in person, telephonically, via email, social media, or any other way. False claims could result in legal action.

When Purchased directly from Dewhot

The customer must contact Dewhot directly.

A Dewhot Technician will establish if the issue is with the unit or due to other factors. If necessary, the original installer will be contacted for onsite remote assistance. If the installer is not willing/able to assist, Dewhot will arrange another preferred installer.

  1. The installer must be perform the initial remote onsite
    diagnostics and repairs
  2. If irreparable onsite the unit must be removed and couriered back to the Dewhot Branch from where it was purchased. NOTE By law, only qualified installers can remove these units.
  3. Once the unit has been received and has been proven to be a manufacturing fault (and is within warranty), Dewhot will: Fix or replace the unit or cover the repair and courier costs involved (within reason and according to our agreed rates)
  4. However if repaired onsite by the installer and the
    product is within warranty, Dewhot will pay for call out
    fee and spare parts
When the reseller refuses to support
the product

If the original gas installer refuses to support the installation and/or product the onus is between the customer and the installer.

Dewhot can however assist with the diagnosis but the following needs to be be arranged;

A recommended Dewhot installer must be called out to perform the initial remote onsite diagnostics and repairs If irreparable onsite the unit must be removed and couriered back to the Dewhot Branch from where it was purchased. NOTE By law, only qualified installers can remove these units.

If repaired onsite by the installer but the product is out of warranty, the customer will be liable for the repair and spare parts.

When the customer is liable for costs

If the unit is:
1. Not installed by a registered installer
2. Outside of its warranty period
3. Not met all the warranty requirements

The customer will be responsible for all the costs involved to repair the unit, including parts, the installer call out fees and other related costs.

NOTE: Please discuss the call out fees upfront with the installer as these can vary and might be outside of Dewhot’s agreed rates.

When there is a dispute between the reseller and Dewhot In such a case, because the installer represents the customer, the installer needs remove the unit and and to arrange that the unit be collected and delivered to the nearest Dewhot branch.

If the unit is not faulty or the issue is not warranty related the customer will be responsible for all the costs incurred.

While in Transit

Dewhot does not accept responsibility for any damage to the unit during transit. The unit must be packaged properly, preferably in its original packaging. We strongly advise that you document the condition of your unit before shipping it in case there is an incident and you need to claim against the courier.


If you do not keep your original packaging and wish to return your product you will incur a packaging replacement fee.

Swap out units

Dewhot does not issue Swap out units.

Warranty seals

Only qualified installers authorised by Dewhot can remove the warranty seal. This needs to be reported and documented in the warranty portal. If this seal has been tampered with in any other way, the warranty will be void.

When your warranty is Void

Your warranty will not be covered should any of these external factors impact the condition of your unit.

  1. Illegal or incorrect installation
  2. Unauthorised modification, misuse, or neglect
  3. Dirty or impure gas
  4. Damage caused by animals/insects, or freezing water temperatures
  5. Damaged caused by incorrect installation i.e.
  6. Inconsistent water pressure
  7. Failure of the regulator
  8. Or when the warranty seal broken
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