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The Dewhot Difference

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Excellent after sales service with fast remote assistance and fault resolution

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If you are experiencing a problem with your appliance please run through the Self checks BEFORE contacting a Dewhot Technician or logging a fault on our portal

Self checks are quick and easy and by performing these checks you can save yourself a lot of time and even avoid unnecessary call out costs. Follow the steps below

STEP 1Self checks


Check/replace your batteries with new Duracell D-cell batteries.

This must be done at least once a year


Check that your geyser is set up properly


Check/replace your gas regularly and check that your gas supply is connected properly


When you replace your gas cylinder perform a “gas blow off” as dirty gas can damage your appliance.


Clear any obstructions, like nests that may have been caused by animals or insects


Constant temperature units require the pilot burner to be bled off to release airlocks


Please check that your installation is compliant
Installed by a qualified and registered LPGSA installer and issued with a Certificate of Compliance


Check that you have the right type product for your requirement. Single use vs multiple use or the right size for your water demand (see below)

STEP 2 Verify the fault

Fault verification

Contact your installer to verify if the issue is actually product related by checking the plumbing, the water pressure and the gas supply.

When your installer does the inspection they must carry spares and be able to do immediate onsite repairs should the fault be with the product.

Remote Diagnostics

If your installer is unable to resolve the fault they need to immediately contact Dewhot while onsite so that one of our technicians can run through the remote diagnostic process

Manufacturer Fault

If the product is within the warranty period and the fault has been diagnosed by a Dewhot Technician as a manufacturer fault then follow the Warranty Claim Process.


If your installer does not contact the relevant Dewhot branch while onsite for assistance, or does not arrive with spares or they do not log the fault on the warranty portal…

then Dewhot cannot take responsibility for slow turnaround times

We understand the frustration caused by intermittent or no HOT WATER but please conduct any claim with decorum. Dewhot reserves the right to terminate communication or negate the warranty due to profanity, mistreatment, false claims or accusations made in person, telephonically, via email, social media, or any other way. False claims could result in legal action.

STEP 3 Verify the fault

Familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions and verify that your product is within these terms.



Is your product still within the Warranty Period

1 year from the date of purchase

Warranty only covers manufacturer faults

Your warranty will not be valid without a COC from a qualified LPGSA installer

Installations must be carried out by qualified professionals in their respective fields such as gas, plumbing or electrical.

Incorrect installations can disrupt the product performance and cause the geyser to malfunction. This is not considered a manufacturer fault.

Your product must be registered on our Warranty Portal

Warranty Portal

Your warranty will not be valid if your product is installed outside without a weatherbox

Your warranty will not be valid if the warranty seal has been removed. Installers need to get authorisation from a Dewhot technician


If you need help, contact us +27 73 007 4965 or  warranty@dewhot.com

Help me choose my geyser

The logic tree is a tool that guides you through a series of questions to help find the gas water heater solution the would be most suitable for your individual home set up.

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