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Dewhot 2 Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel Image

2 Burner Outdoor Gas Camping Stove

Enjoy outdoor cooking anywhere – this versatile 2-Burner Gas Camping Stove can be used freestanding for camping trips or built into your RV for convenient on-the-go meals.

LPG and natural gas compatible.

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2 Burner Camping Stove

Freestanding Portable stove

This lightweight portable camping stove is perfect for outdoor adventures. Its freestanding design allows for easy setup and use anywhere, letting you cook delicious meals under the stars.

Built-in RV stove

The versatile design can be built into your RV’s and caravans, offering convenient on-the-go cooking without sacrificing countertop real estate.

Cut-out template dimensions
2 x Burner – Length 480 x Width 270

  • Flame ignition is battery operated
  • Extended battery box cable
  • Maximum and minimum heat adjustment
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Natural or LP Gas compatible
  • Dropped in or on counter top design
  • Cut out template available online
  • Max gas pressure 2.8 kPa for LPG

  • Max gas pressure 2.0 kPa for NG

  • Max gas consumption burner 1 - 1.56 kW

  • Max gas consumption burner 2 - 2.87 kW

  • Max gas consumption 0.81 Kg / hour

  • Unit weight 4.2 Kg

  • Packaged weight 5.7 kg

  • Unit size 310 x 510 x 122 mm

  • Packaged size 565 x 360 x 160mm

  • Gas Type LGP or NG

Sku: DH2BSS/NG-1

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