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Dewhot Gas Geyser 16L Constant Temperature Natural Gas

16L Gas Geyser Constant Temperature Natural Gas


Multiple use application 16l gas geyser (run multiple outlets simultaneously)

This smart outdoor gas water heater automatically adjusts itself to the water flow. With multiple outlets running simultaneously your water temperature will always remain hot and constant regardless of the water demand.

For outdoor use under a cover


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  • Touch button temperature control
  • 84% energy efficiency
  • Gas efficient - reduces gas consumption according to flow demand
  • Anti-freeze function
  • Start up/ geyser function can also operate on low water pressure
  • Requires no electricity - flame ignition and geyser function are battery operated
  • Compatible with mixer taps
  • Flame failure safety device

Technical Specifications

Max gas pressure
2.8 kPa
Max gas consumption
2.3 kg / hour
Rated heat Input
32 Kw
Water pressure
25-500 kPa
Min water output
4L / min
Max water output
16L / min
Unit weight
13.2 Kg
Packaged weight
15.5 kg
Unit size
740 x 420 x 210 mm
Packaged size
865 x 485 x 270 mm
Gas Type
LPG and NG

ND16CTDH-1 Geyser Accessories

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