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Dewhot 12L Gas Geyser Low Pressure LPG

12L Gas Geyser Indoor Low Pressure Eco-Flow

The indoor Low-Pressure Eco-flow 12L Gas Geyser heats water on demand, even with super low water pressure. The battery-ignited 12L gas water heater is perfect for off-grid locations, delivering a continuous flow of up to 12 litres of hot water per minute through a single outlet.

B Type install indoors with ventilation and flue

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Low pressure

Dewhot’s low-pressure gas geysers use water flow sensor activation to work efficiently even with low water pressure sources like municipal water or gravity-fed tanks.

Energy saving

Enjoy maximised energy savings with on-demand heating, only heating water as you need it.

Double safety

Flame shut-off and pressure relief protection for ultimate peace of mind.

Indoor installation

This gas geyser model must be installed indoors with a 110mm flue or 110mm flexi flue

  • Requires no electricity – flame ignition and geyser functions are battery operated (optional solar battery available)
  • 84% energy efficiency Geyser can function on low and high water pressure
  • Ventilation is required
  • Compatible with mixer taps
  • Flame failure safety device (FFD)
  • LCD temperature display
  • Pressure Relief Protection (to function effectively,
    the valve must be set to your water pressure)

Cylinder vaporisation rates
(maximum short term use)
48kg = 1,9kg/hr
19Kg = 0,92kg/hr
9kg = 0,46kg/hr
Minimum cylinder size = 19kg
Minimum regulator size = 4kg/hr
Minimum ID pipe size
12mm = less than 5 meters
16mm = between 4-18 meters

  • Max gas pressure 2.8 kPa

  • Max gas consumption 1.6 Kg / hour

  • Rated Input 24 Kw

  • Water pressure 20-500 kPa

  • Min water output 3L / min

  • Max water output 12L / min

  • Unit weight 9.5 Kg

  • Packaged weight 10.9 Kg

  • Unit size 670 x 350 x 205 mm

  • Packaged size 730 x 425 x 245 mm

  • Gas Type LPG

Sku: LPDH12-1

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The Dewhot Bucket Test : Determine your flow rate

Indoor Low Pressure Eco Flow 12L Gas Geyser FAQs

The 12L Low Pressure Gas Geyser is a single-application gas water heater that can service either a bath, a shower or a sink. The temperature of a low pressure gas geyser is manually calibrated to the flow rate of the single outlet. The 12L Low Pressure Gas Geyser provides a continuous flow to a single outlet with a flow rate of up to 12 litres per minute

Remember, for optimal performance, ensure the flow rate doesn’t exceed 12 litres per minute.

The 12L rating means this geyser can heat up to 12 litres of hot water per minute. The 12L low pressure gas geyser can provide a continuous flow of hot water to a single outlet with a maximum flow rate of 12L per minute, such as a shower or a bath. Unlike electric geysers with limited tank capacity, this gas geyser heats water on demand, so you’ll experience a consistent hot water supply as long as you have gas!

Help me choose my geyser

The logic tree is a tool that guides you through a series of questions to help find the gas water heater solution the would be most suitable for your individual home set up.

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