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Dewhot fan-forced gas geysers offer a reliable and efficient way to enjoy hot water throughout your home

Fan-forced gas geysers are designed for both indoor and outdoor installations with numerous features to enhance your comfort and energy savings

Gas Geyser Guide: Choose, Compare, Install

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Key benefits of fan forced gas geysers

Reduce your carbon footprint and save!

Our advanced fan-forced gas geysers geysers utilise complete combustion which means less wasted fuel, maximizing energy efficiency and lowering your bills. Enjoy hot water with a clean conscience while slashing your power bill!

Enjoy hot water in a flash!

The fan-assisted combustion process provides faster and more consistent hot water delivery, even with fluctuating demand when the whole family hits the showers at the same time.

Safety Features

Worry-free fresh air

Our fan-powered combustion system doesn’t just heat your water, it safeguards your home by drawing fresh air in and whisking harmful exhaust fumes out – a built-in bodyguard against oxygen depletion and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Always on guard for your safety

Rest assured, this geyser is no firecracker. Automatic gas cut-off and advanced safety features stand guard against potential hazards like overheating or oxygen depletion, keeping your family safe and sound.

Inside or out, which model do I choose?

Indoor Room Sealed

  • Designed with sealed combustion safety feature for indoor installations.
  • Draws air from outside and expels exhaust gases outside through a sealed combustion chamber and dual exhaust system.
  • Compact space saving design fits into confined spaces.
  • Suitable for apartments, small homes, and areas with limited outdoor space.


  • Requires outdoor installation in a well-ventilated area.
  • Draws air directly from the surrounding environment and expels exhaust gases through an external vent.
  • Offers more flexibility in terms of placement but requires access to an outdoor wall for venting.
  • Suitable for larger homes with multiple bathrooms.

Fan Forced Gas Geyser FAQs

Fan-forced gas geysers use a fan to force extra air/oxygen over the flames thus increasing the flame size comparative to the size of the geyser. The fan allows the system to heat water faster and more precisely. Since they use 220V power, they have a more powerful processor for quicker adjustments.

Technically, no. Fan-forced gas geysers require a standard 220V AC power supply to operate the fan and electronics, unlike some other models that use batteries for ignition. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy hot water off the grid! Fan-forced geysers use very low power (around 45 watts) which allows them to run on alternative power sources like solar power, back-up batteries or generators.

Our UPS Backup Battery: We also offer a convenient UPS backup battery specifically designed for fan-forced geysers. This provides hot water for up to 90 minutes of actual geyser usage (90 minutes for a 20L and 60 minutes for a 30L) during power outages.

Yes, but with a power backup solution. Fan-forced gas geysers only use around 45 watts to run the fan and electronic components, this low wattage allows them to run on alternative power sources like inverters, backup power systems or the fan forced UPS back-up battery add-on that has been specifically designed for these moments!

There are two categories:
20L fan forced models are semi-smart and automatically adjust gas usage to reach the desired temperature.

30L fan forced models are truly smart, controlling both water and gas flow for guaranteed temperature accuracy. The 30l modes also have Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to adjust temperature remotely without needing to be near the unit.

Yes, the fan allows for faster adjustments, making them the most efficient option.

Both offer similar functionality, but fan-forced geysers are more efficient due to several reasons:

Power source: Fan-forced use 220V power, while constant temperature models rely on less powerful 1.5V D-cell batteries.

Processing unit: The 220V power allows fan-forced models to have a larger and more advanced processing unit for faster and more accurate operation.

Capacity: Fan-forced geysers boast a larger capacity, with models ranging from 20L to 30L, compared to constant temperature models that range between 12 and 16L.

Fan-forced gas geysers are the most energy-efficient models and you only pay for what you use. The amount of gas used will depend on the flow rate of the taps and the number of taps running simultaneously.

For example: Running two taps with the same flow rate at the same time will use twice the amount of gas that a single tap with the same flow rate would use.

No, it does not. If the cold water pressure is good, then you will have the same pressure for hot water, as long as your demand does not exceed the geyser’s capacity.

Yes you can, the water pressure will not be affected.

Yes, the fan forced geysers are sealed, but weather boxes are highly recommended in locations with extreme weather such as wind or rain.

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